Our Doctors & Staff have used the 2020 Covid lockdown period to read and follow scientific recommendations as they pertain to this Pandemic and possible future ones. We know that we easily exceed all the current Provincial & Federal Protocols with a current upgraded facility and thorough staff training. Please ask about any of our 'lines of defense' at keeping our patients safe.


1) Strict asessment of the health and well being of our patients and staff before admitting
 to the clinic


2) Continual mask coverage of all persons in our facility


3) Sanitation of all commonly used surfaces as they are either touched or used


4) Controlled movements, area accesses and interpersonal distances of staff and patients


5) Air Quality through constant high volume air flow & HVAC exchange & chairside filtering units


6) Dedicated  & Separate Water System delivering purified water to all treatment rooms


7) Separately sealed Treatment Rooms for all procedures 


8) all repurposed stainless hand tools go through an eight stage sterilization sequence. Our two separate in-house centres are pictured below.


9) single use disposables are used if possible


10) High Volume Suction and Rubber Dam Isolation to reduce aerosols 


11) multi layered PPE ( protective personal equipment )


Thank you for joining our client care measures in delivering safe and careful treatment