Dentist Elora Family

"every father should remember, one day his child will follow his example instead of his advice"

quote by Charles F. Kettering
Alan tells of his family
"I am a devoted husband (29 yrs) to a lovely and caring woman and a proud father of three adult children. We live on a farm close to the village of Elora. As a family, we have a common interest in downhill skiing and the outdoors. We enjoy tripping by canoe in Killarney and have hiked Banff, Jasper, Pacific Rim and Gros Morne National Parks. All of our family have volunteered time to our community by planting trees and retrieving litter and each has completed a mission tour in Nicaragua. We support each other in our dreams and ambitions. Like an orange we are of one flavour and held together but recognizeably separate sections."
Alan tells of his extended family
" I am lucky to come from a large and wonderful family and even more fortunate that they all live close. My parents have been inspirational through support, guidance and by their own accomplishments. My dad and I are one..... Like most families we are like fudge, incredibly sweet and with just the right amount of nuts. "