Elora Dentist Staff

Professionally accredited, experienced and skilled at working together

The first thing you'll notice when you walk into Centre Wellington Dental is the incredibly friendly and inviting atmosphere. Members of our staff have been hand-picked to provide you the best possible experience during your visit to the dentist. The staff value long term relationships and believe that any assurance of lasting oral health  is built on staff - patient - Dr  bonds. Learn more about our team below.
LYNDA, Dental Hygienist
Lynda is one of the first Dental Hygienist that has helped this practice grow. She has been a part of the community for many years with her husband Doug. Her hobbies include golf, reading, 4H and community fall fairs. Her husband and daughter manage a dairy farm and her son has a keen interest in cars. We celebrate her contributions of 38 yrs. She will transition to retirement spring of 2020
HEATHER W, Dental Hygienist
Heather W has worked in this practice as a Dental Hygienist for many years. She graduated from St. Clair College in 1978. Enjoys needle craft, reading & time with family. She is very proud of all her grand children. She is proud of her contribution toward her loyal clientele.
CARLA, Dental Receptionist
Carla is one of the faces that will greet you when walking into our practice. She has been busy ensuring success of the practice for many years. Carla has launched a successful family of three, with the help of a terrific husband.
TRISH, Hygiene Coordinator
A mom of three teenage children, her pride in her career is matched equally by her housekeeping efforts. She has been continually celebrating many years of being a part of this office. and believes work and play should both be fun.
STACEY, Dental Assistant
Stacey has been a part of our growing Dental practice for many years. She has 4 beautiful children and is a big part of our local community.
JAIME, Administration Manager/ Treatment Coordinator
Jaime has been a valuable part of this office for many years. She is an educator to our many clients and also a busy mom of three girls.
SHERRI, Dental Assistant Level II
Sherri has been a staff member in our practice for many years. She is local and is a part of our community. A busy mom of three children.
GWEN, Dental Assistant Level II
Gwen has been with Centre Wellington Dental for many years. She lives locally and spends her time with her fur babies. Gwen and her husband, Christopher have been very involved with the local community.
MINDY, Dental Hygienist
Mindy started in the office as an assistant, re-educated and is now a clinical care provider as a Dental Hygienist. Mindy is a proud mom of two boys.
TRACEY, Dental Hygienist
Tracey has been a member of our Dental Team for many years. She is the mother of the 3 children and is a part of our local community.
MICHELLE, Dental Assistant Level II
Michelle has been a Dental Assistant for many years. She has been recruited from Kenilworth, Ontario and is our office spirit and atmosphere maintenance expert.
TARYN, Dental Assistant Level II
Taryn has been a Dental Assistant for a few years here at our office. She recently got married and spends her days with her fur baby.
JESSICA, Dental Assistant Level II
Jessica has been a Dental Assistant here at the office for a few years. She has two children that keep her busy running them around in hockey.
HEATHER E, Dental Hygienist
Heather E when not busy being a Dental Hygienist is helping her husband run a farm. She has three beautiful children and is a big part of her local community.
KATELYND, Dental Hygienist
Katie has been an active Dental Hygienist here in our office for many years. She has two beautiful daughters that keep her busy.
JENN, Dental Assistant Level II
Jenn has found her love for Dentistry and has become a member of Centre Wellington Dental. Jenn lives locally and has been raising her three wonderful children.
TINA, Dental Receptionist
Tina is one of the Dental Receptionist that will greet you at the desk. She has been very involved in the community for many years and now is a big part of Centre Wellington Dental.
BRITTNEY, Dental Assistant Level II
Brittney has joined on with Centre Wellington Dental. She always is smiling and brings light to our office.
NELLY, Dental Receptionist
Nelly is one of our newest members of Centre Wellington Dental. She will be one of the faces seen when you walk in. Nelly has two children and has been a part of this local community.
CINDY, Dental Hygienist
HAILEY, Dental Hygienist