Elora Veneers and Implants

Selecting Your Dentist

The Royal College of Dental Surgeon goes to great efforts in providing the general public with quality oral care providers through stringent licensing. Fortunately there are patient / Doctor relationship that exceed even good expectations. Here are some things to consider
1. Consider an office by recommendation of another patient...a third generation patient is the best........indicates good and consistent care over time.
2. Interview the Dentist and staff  and ask questions:
What procedures do you not do?    Quality care requires some limitation of diversity
Who will do those procedures for me?
How many clincial hours to you work?  Less than 35 allows time for recharging , administration, and education
What is committing  you to the community and location?  Long term assurance of oral health increases with long term associations and committments
What technologies have you invested in? Digital radiographs, Instrument Sterilization, Patient Education tools (web site, intraoral cameras) are required
What about the rubber dam (raincoat)?  Its use is directly associated with a desire for quality treatment and long term oral health.
3. Geography  should not be a deciding consideration. 
4. Long Term Staff indicate a pride in ownership of the treatment that is being provided and  Dr / Staff relationships that are forged with mutual respect. A patient does well to be the third cornerstone of a triangle.
5. Disregard negative comments. Look for positive remarks